Springhill'sSchool of Hope

(573) 857-2034
HC 1 Box 388 
Fairdealing, MO. 63939

Leonard Gladden, administrator - has served at the school since September, 2009. Generally known as "BL" (the short version of Brother Leonard!), Mr. Gladden is in charge of middle- and high-school English, drama productions, foreign language, maintaining the school's digital presence, and trying to do fewer fundraisers. :-) He has taught at all levels including college, high-school, and elementary before coming to the school. A member of Springhill Baptist Church, he serves as liaison between the two organizations and is a member of the school council. He teaches private piano, guitar, bass, and drums.
Stephanie Epstein, assistant administrator - Ms. Stephanie makes history and science come alive for middle- and high-school students. Her time at the school started "officially" in 2014, when she came aboard to fill the vacancy left by the passing of Bro. Don Kallner. However, her son began attending the school in 2011 and Ms. Stephanie had spent some time observing our operations as part of a college class. She serves as the guidance counselor for the school, maintaining contact with colleges and helping students plan their futures. She also likes to create new words in an effort to keep BL on his English-y, academic toes....
Ronda Thomas - Having gone through an ACE school during her educational years is part of what makes Ms. Ronda so suited for taking care of the early-learning center for SSH. The fact that she loves every child as her own, considering them a God-given blessing and responsibility is an even bigger part of her success. Our early learning center comprises grades K-2, and is limited to 7 students. This ensures that each student gets the individual attention needed to work with the reading-heavy curriculum of the main learning center!
Kathy Daniel - Ms. Kathy is our secretary. As such, she is a large part of the day-to-day success of the school! She has experience in a multitude of areas, successfully running several businesses in different fields. Prior to moving to southeast Missouri, she taught art and reading at Alamogordo Christian Academy in Alamogordo, New Mexico. In addition to her office duties, she teaches the high school art class, manages and directs the school's fundraisers.
Sarah Gladden - It is impossible to understate the importance of Ms. Sarah to the school. The only staff member who has been there since the beginning, it was her vision and devotion to the Lord's guiding that allowed the school to open in September of 2007. She has served as school administrator, learning center supervisor, monitor, and unrelenting prayer warrior on behalf of those the school serves. Ms. Gladden currently serves as the piano and voice instructor for students in lessons.